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BUTFF2020 program online!

Holy shit! 15 years...

A special BUTyear

Because of The Virus everything will be a bit different, in any case it will be BUT. On top of that we are proud to present a splattering great filmprogram. Look at our website, because the program is online, next saterday, 1 August.

Nieuwe Veste and Chassé Cinema are still our main venues. In Chassé in the regular cinema, but will be limited to 35 people. In the Nieuwe Veste the Theaterzaal will have room for 25 people. Unfortunalty our small cinemas and the musicprogram had to be cancelled this year.

On the BUTsquare the terras will be smaller than before. This year we turned it into a waiting space for the public. Only if you have a filmticket for the next film, you are allowed at the terras 15 minutes before the start of the film. You can take a seat and enjoy the fine art, the occasional performances and of course you can buy a bottle of BUTbeer (or something else) while waiting.
After the movie you unfortunately have to leave the terrain, but we found a nice alternative BUTFF hangout at café Het Hijgend Hert (The Panting Dear) at a short distance from both cinemas. Where they have BUT art and serve the BUTbeers too ;)

On Friday and Saturday we have a drive-in on the parking lot next to STEK, on the Veilingkade. Through your car radio you can receive the sound of the movie. A screen measuring no less than 8 x 13 meters ensures a great viewing experience.
Tickets for the drive-in are separate from passe-partouts and day tickets and are available for EUR 15,- per car.

For those who stay at home, we have a live stream film programme with our friends from Cinematig Film Festival throughout the festival. And an online panel discussion about the European underground scene on sunday afternoon. 

And there will be a speed date for filmmakers.
And some BUTTshirts and BUTbags.

We're gonna have fun anyway!!

No hugging

The corona rules are taken very seriously by the BUTFF-team. We don't want you to get sick and we want to stay healthy ourselves.

So even during the BUTFF: stay at home if you have a cold, or have a fever. Keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Cough in your elbow. And wash your hands more often!

We will keep it clean by cleaning the halls after every film, by permanently having someone by the toilets to clean in between, by having a hand cleangel in different places and by keeping our distance.

And last but not least: pin only!


Let's hope that next year we can fall into each other's arms again with dedication!
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